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A  Guide To Zcash (ZEC) : How To Buy, And The Latest Quote.

Article By : Patrick Mansfield | U.S. Consumer Finance
A Brief History: 

All of the people who created Zcash have identified themselves. The employees of Zcash are listed on the company's website. Also, Zcash seeks outside counsel, and these individuals are listed on the company website as well. 

About Zcash:

Zcash is exceptionally secure. If you were to compare the security of Bitcoin and Zcash by using a familiar cyber-security analogy, Bitcoin would be HTTP and Zcash would be https. Not only are Zcash transactions secure, but the company's servers are designed to be safe from hackers.

The Cryptocurrency's Anonymity:

Zcash uses an anonymous blockchain. The blockchain does not list the number of transactions. If you use Zcash, your transactions can be shielded. This provides you with even more anonymity. 

Zcash Offers A Forum:

The Zcash forum is a perfect place to learn about Zcash. Members of the Zcash forum are extremely knowledgeable about using the cryptocurrency.

Zcash Offers An i2P And A.Onion Address For Increased Anonymity:

Tor and i2p allow you to be more anonymous online than you can be with a conventional browser. This is because they hide your IP address. Tor routes internet traffic through several nodes before you connect to the internet, and i2p is an advanced overlay network. 

Are There Merchants That Accept Zcash?

While only a few merchants accept Zcash, the list of merchants that accept this currency is expected to grow. 

How To Buy Zcash:

Open an account with Bitstamp.   Go Here For Bitstamp Website.
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