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Six Reasons Why Investor's Own Gold.

Article By : Patrick Mansfield | U.S. Consumer Finance
Six Reasons To Own gold
 Gold is something of a standard when it comes to value, which makes it a strong investment. The material is completely indestructible, it's rare, and it doesn't lose value based on other value-holders. Gold allows investors to maintain their maximum buying power. Currencies based on paper can experience inflation, which decreases their value. Risk, inflation, deflation, and just about all other factors that could affect the financial world have almost no effect on gold.

1. Limited Liability 

Gold and other precious metals are a standard across societies because they are finite resources that can be reduced to their most pure state for trade. They are universal value placeholders recognized by nearly every civilization on Earth, so confidence in the currency never wanes.

2. Diversity  

Whenever changes occur in the stock market, which represents one side of the financial investing world, gold, and precious metals, in general, don't react. In fact, many instances have seen reverse correlations, which means that if the market dips, prices of precious metals go up.

3. Liquidity 

 Gold itself has a live market value that updates as the currency is traded across the world markets. The price of gold isn't subjective, so there is no need for an auctioneer or other such services that typically go into distributing or selling goods. This helps move the gold-based transactions very quickly, so investors can instantly sell bullion if they need cash. This can be helpful for those using social security payments to make investments.

4. Protection 

The markets for most precious metals, including gold, have been growing steadily for more than 20 years, and many investors realized significant returns during that time. For the longest time before that, stock brokers and other Wall Street players claimed that precious metals weren't a worthwhile investment, so those metals were oversold. A growing demand for gold has helped increase the value even further.

5. Safety 

There are multiple options for storing gold in secure and regulated facilities that are designed specifically for that purpose. They offer storage options and insurance for holdings that investors don't want to keep at home or in a safety deposit box, and their services are deeply respected in the gold bullion industry.

6. Paper Currency Alternative 

As the world market constantly undergoes fluctuations that even the most seasoned analysts can barely predict or explain, alternatives to paper currency are becoming more valuable. Confidence in gold or other precious metals doesn't change, unlike the way it does for paper currencies.
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