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A  Guide To Ripple (XRP) : How To Buy, And The Latest Quote.

Article By : Patrick Mansfield | U.S. Consumer Finance
A Brief History: 

Ripple was founded in 2012. The company created a cryptocurrency called XRP. The way that Ripple works is different than many cryptocurrencies. It's a real-time global settlement network, and it offers certainty of payments. The current market capitalization of Ripple is 1.26 billion. 

Transactions Happen Instantly:

There is no processing time for transactions on the Ripple network. Also, there are no fees for international transactions.

Transparency Of Ripple:

Ripple offers end to end transparency. 

How Does The Ripple Network Operate?

No mining is necessary. This makes it extremely unique. Also, the network latency is relatively low. The company takes steps to reduce network latency. The fact that mining is not required drastically reduces the amount of computing power that's needed to maintain the Ripple network.

Ripple produces a consensus ledger. This is similar to the ledgers that other cryptocurrencies maintain.

How Much Is XRP Worth?

The value of XRP is currently quite low. Current Price is around .25 Cents. However, it's important to keep in mind that Bitcoin was once worth a similar amount. If you purchased XRP at today's prices and its price spiked as high as Bitcoin has, you would make more than 60,000 dollars from an initial investment of 25 cents! While it is too soon to predict whether or not the value of XRP will rise substantially, the possibility is there.

How To Buy Zcash:

Open an account with Bitstamp.   Go Here For Bitstamp Website.
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