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A  Guide To Ethereum : How To Buy, And The Latest Quote.

Article By : Patrick Mansfield | U.S. Consumer Finance
A Brief History: 

Ethereum was created in 2015. However, a pre-sale of Ether (Ethereum's currency) occurred in 2014. A large amount of it was sold at this sale.

There was a major cyber attack on the DAO in 2016. This forced the currency to split into two sections. These sections are Ethereum Classic and Ethereum.

This cryptocurrency is decentralized. Its platform makes it possible to use smart contracts and distributed applications.

While the cryptocurrency can be used by anyone, it is most popular among Program developers. However, it can be used to buy and sell just about anything.

Is Ethereum Secure?

Ethereum is an extremely secure platform. Ether has protections in place that many other cryptocurrencies don't have. Distributed applications ensure that Ethereum can't be run if there is interference from a third party. There also are strong protections against fraud.

Ethereum Storage:

The Ethereum wallet doesn't take up much space on your hard drive. In fact, it only requires 32 bits of space. Also, the Ethereum wallet allows you to create your smart contracts! It also is easy to download. 

Furthermore, Ethereum allows you to create your cryptocurrency! If you create a cryptocurrency with Ethereum, it will be compatible with any Bitcoin wallet.

How Does It Compare To Bitcoin?

It isn't quite as popular as Bitcoin, but it's the second most popular cryptocurrency. The current market capitalization of Ethereum is 41.4 billion dollars. Keep in mind, this number is in constant change !

The Ethereum IRA:

There's an IRA that allows you to invest in this cryptocurrency, and it's the first of its kind! Go Here For The IRA

How To Buy Ethereum:

Open an account with Coinbase. Coinbase is the most widely used Exchange For Ethereum.  Go Here For Coinbase Website.
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