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Information On Cryptocurrency And  The Most Popular Coins.

A Brief Explaination On How CryptoCurrencies Work.

Cryptocurrency is an anonymous and virtual currency, that uses cryptography for security. One of the unique features of cryptocurrency is that it's not issued by a central authority or government. 

How Are Transactions Processed Using Cryptocurrency?

 Cryptocurrency transactions use cryptography where transactions are recorded on a digital ledger, or a blockchain, which is encrypted with a unique key. 
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The Top Five Cryptocurrencies.
The Latest Quotes For The Top Five Cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency news
The Latest News For Cryptocurrency.
Security Exchange Commission (SEC) Halts Munchee’s Initial Coin Offering.

The SEC has initiated one of its first findings regarding the ICO market. It might serve as a warning shot to future ICO’s. The SEC concluded in it’s finding that they will continue to scrutinize the ICO markets for improper offerings that offer to sell securities to the public without required registration. 

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